Brahmastra CRM

Real Estate Lead Management System

Brahmastra helps to reduce manual effort, save time, establish better connections with clients and increase chances of conversion!

How? Brahmastra empowers builders & channel partners with advanced technology. We know your leads matter the most to you. Brahmastra ensures that you never lose out on leads when you capture them across multiple platforms. It helps you eliminate those endless excel sheets.

The CRM maintains a leak-proof robust leads database for our clients.

Manage More Actions Deliver More Collaboration

Capture lead
Capture Leads

Captures leads from all media like Live Chat, SMS, emails, calls and website.

Integrate with property portals
Integrate with Property Portals

Collect leads from various websites like Facebook and other online property portals. Access contact details and follow up with the leads.

Avoid Lead Leakage
Avoid leads leakage & duplication

Validate data by preventing leads leakage and entering of duplicate information.

Prioritize Lead
Prioritize Leads

Categorize your leads into different groups to derive optimal value.

Keep Your Team On Track
Keep your Teams on track

Measures your team's performance by tracking sales calls and follow-ups. It helps find the best sales personnel based on targets achieved.


WhatsApp Intigration
Whatsapp Integration

Communicate easily and faster with WhatsApp sharing from the portal. Brahmastra sends brochures and project details through WhatsApp messages directly

Automated notification
Automated Notifications

Keep your clients and sales teams updated through regular notifications about new properties, important notices or appointment alerts.

Task Management
Tasks Management

Enables calendar Scheduling & Automatic Reminder to make sure no task is missed out.

Instant Communication
Instant Communication

Shortlist properties based on the lead requirements. Share curated lists with your clients with just a single click, over email, SMS or WhatsApp

Sales Pipeline management
Sales Pipeline Management

Focus on the sales process. Sales pipelines help you break down the opportunity into stages and the way you sell property.

Reporting And Monitoring
Reporting & Monitoring

Tracks interactions and performance of your salespeople through accountability features.

Custom Reports
Custom Reports

Generate custom performance reports and track your team’s performance.

Dashboard And Matrix
Dashboard and Metrics

Gives you a quick view of tasks, appointments, meetings, and site visits.

What Differentiates Brahmastra - Best Real Estate CRM

Brahmastra Customer Relationship Management Software helps businesses
to manage Leads, Marketing, Sales & Support automation

Value for money

Our CRM offers value for your money. It offers customized real estate solutions at an affordable cost

Fast & Secure

The CRM is quick to operate and work on. It is safe to use as all your data is secured with us.

Ready to Use

Our CRM Software is ready to use. It works with all fields, forms, and reports as these are pre-configured for small and medium businesses.

No Hidden Cost

There are no additional surprise costs. You get services for what you pay. We have a flexible pricing system.

Power of Cloud

You can access all your business information from anywhere and from any device at any time.

Throughout support

We extend the best customer service to our clients. You can reach us over phone & remote tools to ensure your CRM success. We are here to support you all throughout the process.

The Complete Pre Sales CRM for
Modern Enterprises

We are committed to the privacy and security of your data

Brahmastra CRM security

Infrastructure Security

All servers and databases are hosted on your cloud Infrastructure, and are monitored with tools like New Relic, AppSignal etc. for health check and to ensure zero downtime.

Data Protection

By default, we encrypt data at rest and data in transit for all of our customers. We further protect your data with tools such as audit logs and data backup policies to prevent any data loss.

Information Governance

We as on organization are under 1SO 270001 and SOC 2 evaluation and are committed to provide superior governance and risk-management capabilities flexible enough to meet your organisation’s needs.


How can Brahmastra help my real estate business grow?

Brahmastra is a CRM software explicitly developed for lead management in real estate. Our CRM helps businesses automate pre-sales or marketing efforts and gather leads in less time. It enables quick and automated follow-ups, site visits, and a higher return on investments of your team efforts.

Where is my data stored using Brahmastra, and is it safe?

All databases are hosted in our cloud infrastructure that has access only to our team. Yes, all your data and information are safe with us. You can refer to our company privacy policy to ensure safety.

How is Brahmastra different from other real estate CRM?

Brahmastra is designed to solve real-time issues in the real estate industry. It has exclusive niche features that cater to the industry needs. Our CRM offers customized services at affordable rates.

Why do Startups need CRM?

For startups in real estate companies, CRM software is essential for effectively managing customer interactions, data collecting, tracking sales, and streamlining processes. It enables a better understanding of customer preferences, targeted marketing efforts, increased revenue, and optimized resource utilization. 

How can Brahmastra CRM benefit my Business?

Brahmastra CRM software in Pune offers numerous benefits for businesses. It helps in organizing customer data, enhancing customer relationships through personalized communication, streamlining sales pipeline management, and providing valuable insights for informed decision-making, ultimately optimizing business processes and driving growth.

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